Intellectual Property

Several years ago I was looking to start a personal website. I spent weeks researching all of the many different designs, platforms, functions, and features before finally finding one that I felt would best serve my needs. All that remained was figuring out my very own personal web address. I wanted it to be catchy... Continue Reading →

Getting Unstuck

I had my eye on it for a few weeks. It was a beautiful Toyota 4WD pickup truck, low mileage, one owner, and well maintained. The prior owner had added some after-market upgrades, most notably bigger tires. Never again would I be forced to stay home and off the snow-covered roads during the winter! Never... Continue Reading →

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

"We found that early on in our sobriety, it was wise to avoid putting ourselves in those old familiar situations in the past in which we drank." That message was communicated quite regularly by the counselors during my stint in rehab. Then when I entered the recovery rooms of Alcoholic's Anonymous upon my return back... Continue Reading →


I'd been researching home security cameras for several months, before finally finding the right setup that got good reviews and had the features I was wanting at a reasonable price that I could afford. I placed the order and the security system arrived in the mail several days later. After unboxing it all, I read... Continue Reading →

It Never Goes Away

I spent thousands of days and thousands of dollars chasing it. And when I finally found it, I never wanted to let go of it. That feeling of calm and inner peace, that incredible relief from years of pent-up anxiety and fear... just like that - gone, vanished. I didn't need a shrink. I didn't... Continue Reading →

Criticism: Constructive or Destructive?

We all have our critics in life. There always seems to be that one family member, that one coworker, that one friend, and various others we share our day-to-day experiences with whose expectations of us are seldom met. Furthermore, it's not difficult to see today's society struggling with this healthy concept of welcoming constructive criticism.... Continue Reading →

Just for Today: Looking for More

Although I struggle to see kindness in the world today, could it be that I'm simply looking in the wrong places? Or perhaps it's been so long that I've shown kindness to another that I no longer recognize what it is and looks like? When I find myself feeling cynical and pessimistic about everything I... Continue Reading →

When Nothing Seems Normal

The wait is finally over! My Philadelphia Eagles kicked off their NFL season today. At long last, the hopes of a return to some means of life normalcy seemed attainable! But still, something doesn't seem quite right. The soda tastes a little flat. The chips seem a little stale. The cheese dip and salsa that... Continue Reading →

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