Even though everything has changed, nothing’s changed.

We longed for the day when we could begin ditching the masks and recognizing faces again. We looked forward with great anticipation to getting back to church, attending sporting events and concerts, and sharing our homes with family and friends again. Some of us couldn't wait to get back to our regular dinner dates at... Continue Reading →

How Making Coffee Changed My Life

"Do nothing out of selfish ambitions or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of others."~ Phil. 2: 3-4 It's not like I had always been selfish with my time. There were periods here and there when I'd set aside... Continue Reading →

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

As I would leave to go somewhere, occasionally I would see him outside mowing his lawn or washing his car. As I would approach the stop sign near his house, I would smile and wave if I saw him outside. He would always smile and wave back at me. He seemed like a nice guy.... Continue Reading →

The Search for Special

On this day back in 2002, the hit television show 'American Idol' made its debut on Fox. Undoubtedly, the show's creator and executive producer, Simon Fuller, had no idea that his idea of allowing millions of television viewers to have a say in who would earn the chance to become the next musical star would... Continue Reading →

I’ve lost my biggest fan.

Her name was Linda. But my brother and I always knew her as "Mom." Mom had been sick for a while. She had several underlying health conditions for many years, but they all came to bear about two weeks ago. That was around the same time she'd eaten her last meal. The past year for... Continue Reading →

Where’s the Remote?

As a little kid, I was in awe of how tall my father was. Of course, he was of average height... but he looked so tall to me! He was always getting things from the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet for mom, and I couldn't wait to grow tall enough to be able to... Continue Reading →

More than Just a Cup of Coffee

As he approached the building's entrance, he looked back at his car in the parking lot and paused several seconds. "Do I really need to do this?" he mumbled to himself. But he'd made the 30-minute drive and was already there. "Here goes nothing," he said, as he opened the door and walked inside. The... Continue Reading →

Decluttering Life

A dozen pair of shoes that haven't been worn in years; a toolbox that is in such a state of disarray that it is impossible to locate a simple hammer or screwdriver; window screens needing repair, golf clubs strewn everywhere, and clothing that was meant to be taken and donated to the local homeless shelter... Continue Reading →

A Closet without a Door

Like everyone else we had the crazy uncle who everyone thought weird, and there were a couple other stories about a few cousins who seemed a couple chicken McNuggets short of a Happy Meal. But us? Me, my two siblings, my mom and dad? Why, we too could've had our own family tv series growing... Continue Reading →

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